Eating At PAX South

In the convention center are several concession stands. Some specialize, such as pizza station made up like an Italian pizzeria, others are grab and go, and the rest are general self service stations with a variety of convention food. They offer breakfast in the mornings then switch to lunch/dinner and snacks by afternoon.

You can see prices from PAX South 2016 for yourself, but $7-10 will get you a combo meal. You also won’t have to go far or lose much time getting one of your (at a minimum) two meals.

  • Pros
    • No travel time to get food
    • Prices are okay ($7-10 for combo meal)
  • Cons
    • Limited selection
    • No designated seating
    • More PAX lines

Eating Near PAX South

If you exit the convention center and cross two streets, passing the Marriott hotels, you’ll find the Rivercenter Mall and its food court on the lowest level. They have several options and lots of seating, even with PAX in town.

There are also restaurants and bar food available in the neighboring Grand Hyatt and Marriott hotels, but these aren’t the cheapest options and you can get a better Texas food experience at a local restaurant.

  • Pros
    • Better range of prices and selection of food
    • Take a break from PAX
    • Sit at a table
  • Cons
    • Travel time, especially if you were in the back of PAX
    • Not the best quality food
    • Hotel options very pricy

Eating Away From PAX South

There are too many options to list here, so check out the recommendation threads that will come up on the PAX forums.

The best concentration of places to eat away from the convention center and mall is Alamo Plaza.

Other places previous PAX South attendees have recommended:

If you’re from outside Texas try to have a BBQ brisket one night. Texas BBQ is unique and their briskets are considered a must have local item. Moses Rose’s Hideout is within walking distance and Maria Mia Mexican Bistro is across the street with brisket enchiladas. There are plenty more options a bit further out if you’re willing to drive/Uber for dinner one night.

  • Pros
    • Choose from the best San Antonio has to offer, so long as you can get there
    • Great for a night away from PAX, or Thursday/Sunday night
    • Seriously, try that Texas BBQ
  • Cons
    • You’ll need to leave PAX for an hour or more
    • Varying restaurant prices
    • Possible wait times, competing with locals and other tourists