Eating At PAX East

The convention center has concession stands with a variety of foods you would expect, at prices higher than the outside world. Plan on ~$8-12 for a combo meal. On the upside, you won’t have to go far or lose much time getting one of your (at a minimum) two meals.

Alcohol will not be sold in the convention center during PAX East.

  • Pros
    • No travel time to get food
    • Prices are okay ($8-12 for combo meal)
  • Cons
    • Limited selection
    • Might not have seating
    • More PAX lines

Eating Near PAX East

Boston Food Truck Alliance

Food trucks setup outside the BCEC. Ask an Enforcer or BCEC staff member to see which entrance they are near.

Within walking distance you’ll find a Shake Shack, Jimmy John’s, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Check out Google Maps or Yelp for more nearby options.

  • Pros
    • Better range of prices and selection of food
    • Take a break from PAX
    • Sit at a table
  • Cons
    • Travel time, especially if you were in the back of the convention center
    • Food trucks may be hit or miss
    • Chain restaurants

Eating Away From PAX East

BCEC runs a food trolly out of the east entrance from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. It heads out every hour, on the hour with stops to many Boston restaurants. You also get a bit of a Boston tour while you ride.

Check out the Restaurant Recommendation thread on the PAX East forums.

  • Pros
    • Choose from the best Boston has to offer, so long as you take the time
    • Great for a night away from PAX, or Thursday/Sunday night
  • Cons
    • You’ll need to leave PAX for an hour or more
    • Varying restaurant prices
    • Possible wait times, competing with locals and other tourists