Early March is still winter in Boston, no matter what Punxsutawney Phil says. The forecast can range from nice, but cool to cold to snow storm.

Check the forecast before you pack

  • High: 44° F | 7° C
  • Low: 29° F | -2° C
  • Precipitation: 13 out of 31 days

Clothes & Accessories

PAX fashion is typically a geeky/gamer t-shirt and jeans. That being said wear what you like and is comfortable. For PAX East add a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, jacket, or full winter coat for when you wonder outside, depending on the weather forecast. There is a coat and bag check available in the convention center for a few dollars per item.

Shoes are the single most important item you’ll take. You’ll be on your feet and walking, a lot.

  • Comfortable shoes that stay that way all day.
  • Do NOT wear brand new shoes. Break them in at least 3 months in advance.
  • Avoid flip flops, crocs, and similar not real shoes.

Pack one outfit per day, maybe a spare shirt and pair of socks. Jeans can easily be worn for 2-3 days but change the rest of your clothes.

You’ll be walking from your hotel to the convention center in the early morning and after dark, when it is colder.

Wear layers rather than a coat. A coat is bulky and hard to carry all day. Layers can come off as needed and fit in your bag better.


Bring what you use daily, just in smaller bottles where required by the TSA. You will need to shower, put on deodorant, and brush your teeth daily. You’ll feel better doing it, and your very close PAX neighbors will appreciate it.

You only need to bring your own shampoo/conditioner, soap, and towel if you’re sharing a room with 3 or more people. Otherwise the hotel will easily be able to provide for you.

Call your hotel to see if they provide hair dryers, curlers, etc.

It gets windy around the convention center with a salt water spray from the nearby harbor, so bring lip balm and lotion as needed.

Don’t forget any medication you take regularly, including for allergies. No pharmacists work in downtown San Antonio during the weekend, so you’ll have to go far to get a last minute refill.

Travel & Hotel Gear


Bring chargers for all your electronics. A multiport USB charger is a great travel item.

International Adapters

International travelers will need to bring plug adapter (Type A/B outlets) and a voltage adapter (if your electronics don’t include 120 V).


A laptop/tablet with headphones is great on the plane or chilling in the hotel. They are a bit much for carrying around PAX, though.

Snacks & Water

Having food and water in the room makes for a quick and cheap snack. Stock up at a local store after you arrive.

Sleep Aids

PAX hotels can be noisy at night, not to mention a potentially snoring roommate. Bring earplugs and a sleeping mask as needed.

PAX Gear

This is the gear you’ll carry with you into PAX. Traveling light is the goal, as it will significantly improve your experience. Take only what you need, not what you might need.

Download Packing List PDF
  • Essential

    What you just have to have, including smartphone and PAX badges.

  • Recommended

    Nice to have items that’ll improve your PAX experience.

  • Optional

    More quality of life items, but at an ever increasing weight cost.


Once you have your PAX gear you’re going to need to carry it in something.

Bring a good quality bag, one you already own should work fine. Avoid those draw string backpacks, you need it to be comfortable all day long.

  • Heavier Load
  • Longer Carry
  • No Easy Access
Messenger Bag
  • Lighter Load
  • Shorter Carry
  • Easy Access

Travel Light

If you want to travel very light then consider dropping the bag. When you don’t have a place to put stuff you’ll quickly figure out what you actually need.

Consider something like a gadget holster to keep your Nintendo DS and anything else that won’t fit in your pockets.