Expo Hall

At the top of what to do at PAX East is the Expo Hall. If one is so inclined you could easily spend an entire day in there.

  • Game Developers & Demos – Both video game and tabletop, the most popular offerings will have long lines to get a few minutes of play time.
  • Vendors – Buy a new used game, Zelda lanyard, Pikachu backpack, or update your geeky t-shirt collection.
  • Education, Professional Services, and more – You’ll find universities with video game related degrees, services for streamers, and others with gaming related offerings.

Check out the Enhanced Exhibitors List for a categorized and detailed listing of exhibitors you’ll find at PAX East.


Panels cover a variety of gaming related topics and range from entertainment to educational. When planning your weekend at PAX go through the schedule and panels early to see what times you need to block off.

Panel lines are setup outside or next to the theatre. Lines start from 30 to 90 minutes before hand, depending on how popular the topic or presenters are.

Play A Game

Everyone at PAX is gamer, so why not play some games while there?

PC Room
Sit down at a gaming computer and play a PC game. If you would like to do this all weekend long check out BYOC (Bring Your Own PC) to join other PAX attendees at an all weekend long LAN party.

Tabletop Area
Sign up to play a round of Dungeons & Dragons, find your favorite trading card game table, browse through a number of tabletop specific exhibitors and vendors, or checkout a game from the game library and find some players in the free play area.

If you’re interesting in D&D or a tabletop tournament come here to sign up in the morning.

Console Room
From Atari 2600 to last generation consoles, checkout a game from the library and start up a split screen match with your friends (or find new friends to play).

If you’re interesting in a console tournament come here to sign up in the morning.

Handheld Lounge
Relax on a beanbag chair and handout playing your handheld game system – you need to bring your own. The Nintendo DS is huge at PAX. You’ll find plenty of StreetPasses and multiplay opportunities, including the PAX Pokémon League.

Tournaments are offered, sign up here in the morning and bring your own device. If you need a charge just ask the Enforcers.

Classic Arcade
Classic arcade machines, no quarters required.

Real musical instruments for you to rock out (or not) on. Expect it to be loud, and at times painful.

PAX Arena
Watch tournament game play among professional gamers. This is an invitation only tournament event featuring various popular esport games.

Or Take A Break

Take This AFK Room
Operated by Take This, the room is designed for attendees who are stressed and need a place to get away and relax. If you wander in please be respectful of those using the space. Free water available, feel free to refill your bottle.

Diversity Lounge
A safe meeting place for gamers from all walks of life. No judgements allowed. You’ll find some vendors, organizations, and a place to just hangout.

Swag Bags
Anytime after 11:30 AM take a break and head back to the Queue Hall to pick up your PAX swag bag. There usually isn’t much in it aside from a magazine and some ad offers, but it is free and gives you an excuse to take a walking break.


Concerts for gamers. Musical guests typically focus on video game music and geeky/funny bands. Regular bands include Paul & Storm, Protomen, The Doubleclicks, and Video Games Orchestra.

If you’re sensitive to loud noise or want to keep your ears safe then consider earplugs. You can get a pair of high fidelity earplugs to enjoy all the music at a fraction of the volume. You can also get basic foam earplugs from the Enforcers.

  • Queuing for Concert

    You’ll want to line up a bit early. If the theatre fills people come and go so you’ll eventually get in.

  • Bandland

    If you like a band tell them the next day in Bandland. They’ll love to hear that (and to sell you a CD or t-shirt).