Official Rules of PAX

“New rule for Expo Hall! No stopping mid-aisle to take photos – particularly of cosplay – to prevent traffic gridlock. You can take photos in open areas and lobbies. Thanks!” –Penny Arcade Expo

Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick!”

In his PAX 2007 keynote address, Wil Wheaton said this about sportsmanship in online gaming. Since then many have taken it as a rule of life and it is at the very heart of PAX.

5-2-1 Rule

Each and every day at PAX you should get at least:
Hours Sleep

Love the Enforcers

Enforcers are the volunteer army which make PAX run. They are some of the best convention volunteers you’ll ever come across and are gamers, just like you. They are easy to spot with their distinctive Enforcer t-shirts and badges.

  • Hey! Listen!

    If they ask you to move the panel line a bit then please do so. They are trying to help everyone and are not simply mad with power.

  • Thank

    If an Enforcer helps you out be sure to thank them. In fact it wouldn’t hurt to just randomly thank Enforcers you pass by.

Cosplayers & Guests

You’ll see lots of attendees in costume and you might even spot a PAX guest or two outside of their panel. If you want a picture or signature that’s cool, but please be courteous.

  • Cosplayers

    If you want a cosplayer’s picture just ask, most of the time they’ll say yes and even pose for you. If you are in a hallway move off to the side so not to block traffic – pictures in the Expo Hall are no longer allowed. If someone declines to have a picture taken it isn’t personal, they’re probably late for a panel or something. Be respectful of all cosplayers as fellow gamers and human beings.

  • Guests

    Feel free to ask for a picture or autograph. Follow the same guidelines as with cosplayers: be polite, don’t block traffic, and don’t take it personally if they say no (they have even less time to see the show than you do). Have a sharpie and whatever you want signed ready. Many guests have scheduled autograph sessions as well.