PAX registration is an event onto itself. We never know exactly when registration will open in advance and both badges and hotel rooms sell out fast.

  • PAX South badges don’t sell out until closer to the event, but the prime hotel spots go quick.
  • PAX East and West badges and prime hotel rooms start to sell out within 1.5 hours, with Saturday being the first to go.

To help anticipate when PAX registration might start Skelevader, your friendly Dark Lord of Destruction, maintains a record of past registrations.

PAX Sell Out Dates

How To Best Know When PAX Registration Begins

Setup Twitter to text you anytime an official PAX tweet is posted, including, “Registration now open!”

  • Setup a Twitter Account

    It can be set to private and you don’t need to tweet. You will need to give Twitter your mobile number.

  • Follow @Official_PAX

    This is the first place PAX registration is announced.

  • Turn On Mobile Notifications

    In Twitter click on @Official_PAX, then click on the gear icon. Select Turn On Mobile Notifications.

Types of Badges

The standard badge is for attendees, which you get upon successful registration. There are also badges for exhibitors, panelists, and VIP. There are two additional badges you may want to take advantage of if you qualify.


If you have a qualifying medical condition, typical a disability or medical condition which prevents you from standing in long lines, then you can get a medical badge.

These are given out at PAX’s registration booth, you must have a regular attendee badge already, and you will be asked to complete some paperwork.


Members of a commercial media organization or content creators on YouTube, Twitch, or a podcast with more than 50,000 followers can request a free media badge. If granted this replaces your regular badge, but be aware that media registration opens up after regular registration has typically sold out.

You must submit an online form and other materials to PAX. Details are available on PAX’s registration page.

Benefits include:

  • Early access to the Expo Hall at 9:00 AM on Friday only
  • Entrance to sessions first, assuming the line has not already been capped due to capacity or is already moving into the room

Benefits include:

  • Early access to the Expo Hall at 9:00 AM on Friday only
  • Advance contact list of exhibitors attending PAX
  • Access to a media work area with free Wi-Fi
I Missed Registration!

Don’t panic just yet. Visit PAX Pass Exchange. There you can find badges being made available by those who can’t go. Cost will be at or near the original cost. More will become available as we get closer to PAX weekend.

Do NOT post on the official PAX forums, it is against their rules to exchange badges there.

Badges don’t have names on them, nor are they assigned to a particular person.

PAX has a badge verification booth. If you’re buying a badge at the door use that service before money is exchanged.

Badges ship 2-3 weeks before PAX

They can arrive as late as the week of PAX. If you keep an eye on the PAX forums and /r/PAX you’ll see when they start to arrive, but they go out in waves so don’t panic if you don’t get them as soon as others. Badges returned to sender for whatever reason can be picked up at Will Call the weekend of PAX.

Check status at

Go to Login as a “Ticket Buyer” (you created an account when you first bought PAX badges) and look under Status for your order. You may also receive a USPS email notifying that your badges have shipped from ReedPop with a delivery ETA.

Email PAX about any issues

Email if you need to make a change, your badges don’t arrive, or another issue comes up.

Will Call Pickup At PAX

If your badge will be at Will Call for PAX East you can pick them up in the North Lobby of the BCEC.

Will Call is open Thursday from 1:00 PM – 8:00PM, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, and Sunday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


You’ll be able to pick up free lanyards at PAX. They will be available every day and there’s plenty to go around. Be aware they are from sponsors and don’t actually have “PAX” on them.

  • PAX Lanyard

    A PAX lanyard may be for sale at the PAX merch booth.

  • Bring Your Own Lanyard

    A geeky/gamer lanyard is a nice way to stand out, plus you won’t have to worry about your badge the first few hours. There are several options available online, or buy one from an exhibitor at PAX.