If you only do one thing then make it downloading the PAX app from Guidebook.

PAX East App
PAX West App
PAX South App

About The App

Guidebook publishes interactive app guides for conventions and events, including PAX. It is easily your #1 resource while at PAX. The PAX program included in the swag bag makes a better souvenir, but the PAX app fits in your pocket and has more information and interactive functions.

Windows Mobile users can either use their website version, or check out an unofficial PAX app: PAX Digital Assistant

Social Media

Twitter integration with the official PAX Twitter accounts already setup. Also an in-app only chat system and messages from PAX.

Schedule & Exhibitors

Full PAX schedule and list of exhibitors. You can add any you like to My Schedule and To Do lists.

Maps, QR Code Game, and More

See maps of the convention, details on lines, important information, and a QR code game to put together a digital puzzle and win a real prize.

PAX App Tips

Update Each Morning

Open the app, go to the side panel and click on the update icon. For best results do this before you arrive at the convention center.

Use My Schedule & To Do

In many of the sections, including Schedule and Exhibitors, you can mark items, adding them to your schedule and to do list. Do this before you leave for PAX and update as needed.

Play PAX XP, Or Don't

THE QR code game is a fun hide and seek game, where you look for QR codes around PAX. The first few to complete the game get a special prize. Most everyone else gets a little prize. If you’re short on time feel free to skip it.