Hotel Parking

If you drove to San Antonio and are at a hotel near the convention center then expect to pay for parking. They will charge you a nightly parking fee. Check your hotel’s website or call in advance to check the rate.

On the bright side you don’t have to worry about any other parking, so long as you walk to the convention center.

Where To Park

The four closest parking lots to the convention center are:

Grand Hyatt Parking Garage (210-451-6464)
Bowie & Market Streets
Closest parking to convention center

Marina Garage (210-207-8266)
Bowie & Commerce Streets
Across street from main entrance to convention center

Riverbend Garage (877-717-0004)
Alamo & Market Streets
A block down the street from convention center

Tower of the Americas Parking (210-223-3101)
801 Cesar Chavez Blvd
Behind the convention center and a half mile walk away

More San Antonio parking options.

You should only drive to the convention center if:
  • Local to San Antonio
  • At a hotel too far to walk from (0.5 mile or more)
  • Need to drop off/pick up a tower PC for BYOC
  • Have mobility issues

Parking App

San Antonio uses a parking app which lists real time parking availability and handles your parking payments, including notifying you to extend time if needed. It is available for all smartphone platforms. Download the app and sign up for an account ahead of PAX South.

Pango Mobile Parking