If you have a Nintendo DS then by all means bring it with you to PAX. They are a staple for PAX attendees and well worth keeping on you throughout the weekend, even if only to help with the ever present lines.

Be sure to check your 3DS for updates before you leave for PAX. You can see when the last system update was released here.

Handhelds other than the DS are also welcome, just a lot less popular. The Handheld Lounge is open to all. Even if you don’t get as many multiplayer matches as you’d like you’ll appreciate the distraction after the nth line on Saturday afternoon.

Handheld Lounge

Essentially a room full of beanbag chairs dedicated for mobile gaming. It is a great place to find a Pokémon rival through the PAX Pokémon League or take a break and chill out. Just no “plopping” down on the beanbags, please.

A limited number of chargers have been made available (ask the lounge’s Enforcers), but consider bringing your own charger/battery (see below).

StreetPass & Mii Plaza

As soon as you get to your hotel you’ll get StreetPass hits from other attendees and their 3DS. Mii Plaza mini games, which depend on StreetPass hit, can quickly take up a lot of your down time with all of the Miis you’ll having coming through, helping you collect puzzle pieces and finally complete the Find Mii dungeon.

You can also upgrade Mii Plaza through the Nintendo eShop on your device. The $5 upgrade allows you to line up to 100 Miis at your Plaza Gate, compared to the normal 10.



There are great multiplayer opportunities for you and your DS at PAX. Here’s a list of the more popular games you can expect to find.

That being said, bring whatever games you want to play. There’s nothing wrong with a single player game while relaxing or waiting in line.

Whatever games you bring be sure to update your DS and games before PAX. There’s limited Wi-Fi at your hotel and even less at the convention center. Run all of your updates before you leave home.

Battery Life

How well your DS’ battery does each day at PAX will vary on use. If you’re going to be playing more than the occasional line wait then consider these tips.

  • Turn Brightness Down

    The less bright your screen, the less battery it’ll use.

  • USB Battery

    Bring a USB battery and DS USB cable. This will allow you to recharge your DS without a wall outlet and on the go. Just don’t forget to recharge the battery overnight.

  • Turn Off Wi-Fi

    Disable wireless communications to really save power. That being said this is a nuclear option, as the wireless is what gives you StreetPass and multiplayer.