Lines are a constant at PAX. Here are tips to better plan for and make the most of your time spent in a line.

  • Plan your schedule in advance. Set your priorities, you can’t see it all. Have a Plan A and Plan B for most time slots.
  • Follow @PAX_lines on Twitter for updates
  • Use the Lines feature in the PAX app to gauge how full a line is. Keep in mind there is usually a delay, so assume it is fuller than indicated.
  • You can also go straight to, which is the same as in the app.
  • Bring your Nintendo DS, a card or dice game, or even just a deck of cards.
Surviving the Lines

Once you’re in a line for a while make the most of it:

  • Play a game, that’s what we’re all there for anyway. If you brought a game ask your neighbors if they want to play, you’ll get some takers.
  • Sit down and relax, it is one of the few times you’ll be able to do so. Have a snack.
  • Send someone from your group to get food and you can use this as a meal time. People won’t mind your companion coming back into the line.
  • Make some “line friends.” You’ll see this happen a lot at PAX. People talking about something, someone new says, “Hey, I like that, too!” Boom, new line friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new gaming partner.
Bag Check

If you have a bag this will be your first line of the day. There’s a bag check at all entrances. To speed on through open up all compartments of your bag before you reach the table. The check is quick. They are looking for dangerous items, not whether you’re bringing in food.

Morning Entry

You can enter the convention center at the North Lobby entrance at 8:00 AM. From there you’ll need to head toward one of these options:

  • Queue Hall – For Expo Hall and tournament sign ups (head to the room where the tournament will be held once PAX opens).
  • Main Theatre Queue – If you want to see the first event in the Main Theatre that morning.
  • Satellite Theatres – If doing a morning panel head toward its room to line up outside.
  • PAX Merch Lite Booth – If you want to buy a limited edition PAX item. They start selling ~9:00 AM.

If you want to just walk right into the convention then arrive ~10:45 AM. The Queue Hall will be emptied and you can head right into the Expo Hall.

Friday Storytime/Penny Arcade Q&A

One of the first panels on Friday. Be aware the theatre will not be cleared between Storytime and PA Q&A. If there is another event 30 minutes or less after PA Q&A then the theatre will not be cleared for that, either.


You can line up for panels up to 90 minutes in advance, but depending on its popularity you may be able to wait until 30-60 minutes in advance.

Rooms are cleared between panels.


Concerts can be lined up closer to start (if you aren’t too concerned with getting the perfect seat). Once it starts Enforcers will continue to let people in as space allows and people leave.

Multiple bands perform and so the crowd tends to ebb and flow depending on their popularity. If you really want to see one band in particular get there during the previous band’s set. The bans play in the order listed on the schedule.

I Hate Lines

Nobody likes lines, but if you just really hate lines (have the wrong temperament/have no patience for lines) then plan to do things that avoid lines.

  • Show up after 10:45 AM to avoid the Queue Hall.
  • Wonder the Expo Hall. The really popular game demos will have lines, but plenty of other booths will have short or no wait times.
  • Go to the Tabletop area. Sign up to play D&D at a designed time, or find an open seat in the freeplay area.
  • Sign up for game tournaments in advance.
  • Explore the entire con.
  • Bring your own food and water.