Hotel Wi-Fi

Hotel Wi-Fi will vary. Mornings and evenings will be the worst times. PAX hotels will be full of people who each have multiple Internet enabled devices. Hotels with paid or member only Wi-Fi will fare better than hotels with free Wi-Fi. If it works for you, great! If not don’t worry, you’re mostly just there to sleep and shower anyway.

Cellular Data

Your cellular data plan is going to provide the bulk of your Internet needs. How well it performs will depend on the provider and day. Friday will be slow but acceptable. Sunday will be the same and getting better as the day wears on. Saturday is where you’re most likely to run into problems, and you’ll see why when you compare the crowds.

Convention Center Wi-Fi

The BCEC provides free Wi-Fi throughout its facility, backed by a 10 Gigabit fiber network. That being said 60,000+ PAX attendees with one or more smart devices each is going to stress out even the best system. Don’t count on it for your daily connectivity needs given the potential for congestion.

Improving Your Connection

You can improve your smartphone’s cellular service a bit by disabling LTE. Most phones connect to LTE (the fastest cellular data network) by default. By disabling LTE on your smartphone, and dropping to the second fastest data network (4G) then you’ll be competing with fewer devices for network access.

If you simply must have Wi-Fi for a laptop or tablet then either use your smartphone as a hot spot or bring a MiFi (cellular data based Wi-Fi router). Be mindful of data rate charges, a hot spot goes through a lot more bandwidth than a smartphone.

Disable LTE On iOS
  • Tap on Settings, then Cellular

  • Tap on Cellular Data Options

  • Tap on Enable LTE

  • Set Enable LTE to Off

Your cellular connection will reset and where you saw LTE at the top you should now see 4G.

Most Android devices will have a similar method. Google for a how to with your version of Android.

Don’t forget to turn LTE back on when you get home.