The nearest airport is San Antonio International Airport (code SAT).

From there you can easily get a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. You can also see if your hotel offers shuttle service, but many near the convention center do not.

Southwest Airlines has the most flights and probably the best prices, but check Kayak or your favorite flight search site.

If you do end up taking a Southwest flight then check out this video.

If you have more time than money consider flying into Dallas/Fort Worth (code DFW), and then take Megabus to San Antonio. Typically flying to DFW is cheaper, and with a good deal on Megabus you can save up to $100/person. However this adds about 5 hours of travel time.


Amtrak has a station in San Antonio (code SAS), so you can check for a cheaper train ticket if you live near the right cities.

Keep in mind the added time of taking the train when considering your true costs.

You’ll still need to use a taxis or Uber/Lyft to get from the station to your hotel.

And Automobiles

If you’re driving to San Antonio then just plug your hotel or the convention center into your favorite GPS and you’re good to go. If you’re going to PAX for just the day add in some time for parking and walking.

If you are within driving distance but are without a car check out Megabus, then taxis or Uber/Lyft to your hotel or the convention center.