MBTA – Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

If you fly into town then the MBTA will be your primary mode of getting around Boston. They have bus service to and from the airport and bus and subway routes throughout the city.

The locals call the buses “T buses” and the subway “the T.” This comes from the large T icon found throughout the transit system.

Do not trust the posted schedule, the system is notorious for running late. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going.

Service stops at 2:00 AM. PAX East officially ends each day at midnight so that shouldn’t be a problem unless you stay out late, in which case plan on using a taxi/Uber/Lyft to get back to your hotel.

mbta map

You’ll want to get a CharlieCard when you arrive in Boston. You can find MBTA kiosks outside of each airport terminal, the MBTA’s airport station, or at South Station.

Get a CharlieCard, and not a CharlieTicket. The card is plastic and can have funds added to it at a kiosks or online. The ticket is paper, cannot have funds added to it, and there is an additional surcharge. All fares listed on this page assume you are using a CharlieCard. Be sure to keep your card for your next PAX East trip.

One way subway fares (with free or discounted bus transfers, depending on the bus line) at $2.25. A one day pass is $12. A one week pass is $21.25.

To and From the Airport

From the airport board the Silver Line SL1 bus. It will stop at all airport terminals, then head into downtown. This ride is free (coming from the airport only).

  • If your hotel is near the BCEC then get off at the World Trade Center, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center stop.
  • If your hotel is along the subway system then get off at South Station.

To the airport – $2.25 using CharlieCard, bus transfer is free if done within an hour

  • Board the Silver Line SL1 bus from the World Trade Center, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center stop and get off at your airline’s terminal.
  • Head to South Station, then board the Silver Line SL1 or SL2 bus and get off at your airline’s terminal.
To and From the Convention Center

In general you’ll want to use the subway system to get around town if your hotel is away from the convention center, or if you just want to see more of Boston.

  • From the Red Line: Check the system map and head for South Station, which is in the middle of those the line.
  • From Orange Line: Head to Downtown Crossing, then transfer to the Red Line southbound.
  • From Green Line: Head to Park Street, then transfer to the Red Line southbound.
  • From Blue Line: Head to State Street, then transfer to the Orange Line southbound. Get off at Downtown Crossing, and then transfer to the Red Line southbound.
  • From the Silver Line: Check the system map and head for World Trade. This will give you a shorter walk than South Station.

South Station it is a 0.8 mile (15 minutes) walk to the convention center. Use Google Maps for directions. You can also wait for a SL1 or SL2 bus and take it to World Trade Center, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, but it may be faster to walk.

You can transfer to the Silver Line from South Station, head two stops to World Trade, and then have a shorter walk. However, the Silver Line gets very busy and wasn’t designed for a PAX size crowd, so South Station is the recommended stop point.

You can also use MBTA’s Trip Planner to find your own route.


Uber and Lyft both operate in Boston, and as of February 1 can go to Logan Airport. They typically run cheaper than a taxi and are a lot more convenient with their smartphone apps. If you have multiple people riding it can get even cheaper per person, and larger vehicles are available for larger groups. However, be aware you may run into longer wait times and surge pricing if leaving PAX when everyone else does.

You can also call a traditional taxi if you like. They’ll be available at the airport, your hotel can call one for you, or just Google “Boston taxi”.

Uber Overwatch vehicle at PAX East 2016
Hotel Shuttles

Many of the PAX hotels offer shuttle service to and from the convention center. Your hotel may also have a shuttle service to and from the airport.

The hotel’s website will usually list whether they offer shuttle services. If it doesn’t feel free to call them in advance and ask.


If you’re driving to PAX East there is parking available at the convention center. Parking is open Friday and Saturday 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and Sunday 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Overnight parking it not allowed.

Self Parking @ BCEC – $17 ($34 for oversized vehicles)

  • From Summer Street, turn onto East Side Drive and drive past the valet area.
  • Continue straight along the side of the building. At the end of the building, make a right and go down the ramp.
  • At the bottom of the ramp, turn left enter the South Parking lot.

Shuttles run from the South Parking lot to the building’s entrance.

Valet Parking @ BCEC – $30

  • From Summer Street, turn onto East Side Drive and the valet area will be immediately on your right.

Additional Parking Near BCEC