Expo Hall

Enhanced Exhibitors List

Go through the Enhanced Exhibitors List (coming soon) and mark booths which interest you in the PAX app.

Enhanced Exhibitors List

Go through the Enhanced Exhibitors List (coming soon) and mark booths which interest you in the PAX app.

Copy of Vendors

There will be vendors selling geek/gaming items. Do all of your shopping on the same day to minimize how long you have to carry your loot. If you can drop it off at the hotel during a lull in your schedule so much the better.

Say Hello

Talk to the booth operators if you have a question, they want to interact with you.

More In Tabletop

More exhibitors and vendors are located in the Tabletop Area.

That Long Demo Line

Beware long lines to demo the hot new game. It may be an early access opportunity, but make sure it is worth your limited time. If you’ll probably buy the game then use your time to check out games you’ve never heard of. Maybe you’ll find something else you’ll want to play, and that is available now.

Play A Game

Tabletop Area

Check out one of over 1,000 games from the library, find a table, and invite others to sit down and play (the place will be packed by Saturday). There will also be organized role playing games.

Handheld Lounge

Beanbags and handheld gaming. Check out the Nintendo DS page for more details.

PC Room

Sit down at a PC and play a number of pre-installed games.

Classic Arcade

Classic and newer arcade machines, no quarters required.

Console Area

Check out a game from the library and play on consoles from Atari 2600 to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Dance Stage

Dance Dance Revolution or similar game play, making the player the main attraction.



Real musical instruments for you to rock out (or not) on. Expect it to be loud, and at times painful.

Or Take A Break

Take This AFK Room

It you need a quiet, safe space this is it. Designed for attendees who are stressed and just need a place to breath. If you wander in please be respectful of those using the space. Free water was available last year.

Diversity Lounge

A safe meeting place for gamers from all walks of life. No judgements allowed. You’ll find some vendors, organizations, and a place to just crash.


Don’t dismiss the concerts, they can be a great experience. Musical guests typically focus on video game music and geeky/funny bands. Regular bands include Paul & Storm, Protomen, The Doubleclicks, and Video Games Orchestra.

  • Queuing for Concert

    You’ll want to line up a bit early, but the theatre may not fill up and if it does enough people come and go that late comers will eventually get in.

  • Bandland

    If you like a band tell them the next day in Bandland. They’ll love to hear that (and to sell you a CD or t-shirt).

If you’re sensitive to loud noise or want to keep your ears safe then consider earplugs. You can get a pair of high fidelity earplugs to enjoy all the music at a fraction of the volume. You can also get basic foam earplugs from the local Enforcers.


Give yourself time to just wander about. This is how you’ll see PAX (Expo Hall != PAX). Those people everywhere, they are all gamers… all of them! How amazing is that?!

Go outside or checkout the nearby hotel lobbies. You’ll see cosplayers and others just hanging out.

Go into a panel that wasn’t on your list. Panels can easily be your best experiences.

The more you see this year the more comfortable you’ll be when you come back next year. You may even help out a new attendee yourself.