Enhanced Exhibitors List
PAX East 2017

My Enhanced Exhibitors List gives you more details on exhibitors to better plan your PAX weekend. Browse by category and find links and a brief description for the exhibitors.

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Academy of Art University
Booth 22105
San Francisco, California
The largest privately owned art and design school in the United States.

Becker College
Booth 10058
Offers Bachelor of Art in Design and Interactive Media Design, featuring video game art, design, and production.

Champlain College
Booth 10016
Burlington, Vermon, Montreal, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland
Offers bachelor in game art and animation.

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Booth 20045
Redmond, Washington
Offering bachelor and master degrees in Game Design and other related fields.

Elms College
Booth 11133
Chicopee, Massachusetts

Fitchburg State University
Booth 10007
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Offers degrees in game design.

Booth 13130
Entrepreneurship, academic cooperation and economic development across the Massachusetts digital and video games ecosystem.

Mount Ida College
Booth 21133
Offers Bachelor of Science in Game Art.

New England Institute of Tech
Booth 10086
Offers Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Video Game Design.

Southern New Hampshire University
Booth 10048
Offers Bachelor of Science in in Game Programming and Development.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Booth 15127
Offers Bachelor and Masters of Science in Interactive Media & Game Development.

ADATA Technology
Booth 10097
PC memory and storage.

Booth 13043
Computers, specializing in gaming PCs and science-fiction themes.

Booth 10044
PC cooling pumps and accessories.

ASTRO Gaming
Booth 12043
Premium video game headsets for console, PC, and mobile.

Carolina Game Tables
Booth 10109
Living/dining rooms tables which convert to play board games, tabletop RPGs, card games, or jigsaw puzzles.

Booth 15013
PC peripherals and hardware.

Booth 15043
Laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, and more.

Booth 13084
Gaming desks, chairs, and simulators.

Eclectic Eccentricity
Booth 23103
Handmade D20 and dice jewelry.

Elderwood Academy
Booth 10100
Premium tabletop gaming gear.

Booth 20031
Nvidia video cards and Intel chipset based motherboards.

Gaming Paper
Booth 10082
A low-cost alternative to expensive battlemaps and tile sets.

Geek Chic
Booth 10079
Hand crafted geek furniture, including game tables, accessories, and storage solutions for games, comics and other geek ephemera.

Booth 10117
Tabletop gaming furniture.

Booth 11031
PC motherboards, graphics cards, and more.

Gunnar Optiks
Booth 17102
Computer, gaming and prescription eyeglasses.

Hauppage Computer Works
Booth 10099
Electronic video hardware for PCs.

Booth 10029
Memory, USB flash drives, SSD, gaming headsets, and mousepads.

Booth 15031
Computer processors, such as the i5 and i7 processors.

In Win
Booth 13102
PC cases and accessories.

Booth 22031
PC cases, power supplies, coolers, and fans.

Booth 15055
PC peripherals.

Booth 12102
PlayStation and Xbox headsets.

Booth 13019, 15019
Windows, Xbox, and Hololens

Booth 19109
Laptops, tablets, and PC desktop hardware.

Booth 18043
Mario, Legend of Zelda, Switch, 3DS

Booth 10026
High performance client and enterprise solid state storage.

PNY Technologies
Booth 10078
PC flash memory/storage, battery chargers, cables, and more.

Booth 13090
PC mice, keyboards, and headphones.

Ronin Applied Sciences
Booth 23115
Professional microphones and pre-amplifier.

Singularity Computers
Booth 10028
Custom gaming PCs.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Booth 16019

Booth 11010
PC headsets, mice, keyboards, and more.

Booth 20033
Desktop and server power supplies, cases, fans, and cooling devices.

Trigger Devils
Booth 23132
Trigger stops for PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

Booth 10056
Kilts with pockets.

Booth 23122
VirZOOM controller, which is a stationary bike which interacts with videos games and VR.

Booth 10032
Next generation bean bag chairs.

Booth 12114
Motherboards, mini PCs, nettops, and Nvidia based graphics cards.

Cartoon Network
Booth 20055
Free games and full episodes of all your favorite kids TV shows.

CPU Magazine
Booth 20043
Online magazine providing current information on computer vendors and the products and services they offer.

Cyanide & Happiness
Booth 10116
Web comic and videos.

Golden Bell Studios
Booth 21118
Sunday Comics, a newspaper of only comics created by 300 artists.

Mega64Mercury Learning & Information
Booth 14127
Print and digital content in the areas of science, medicine, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Rooster Teeth
Booth 13031
Produces many game related shows and podcasts, including Red vs Blue and Fails of the Weak.

Booth 10009
Scott Kurtz’s webcomic company, featuring PvP Online and Table Titans.

Booth 18019, 18031
Leading video platform and community for gamers.

Booth 22024
Dice and other role playing accessories.

Command D
Booth 22029
Comics, books, and toys.

Cooler Master
Booth 21103
PC cooling, cases, power supplies, and peripherals.

Dial Up Games
Booth 21033
Retro games and toys.

Booth 16091
Shirts, jewelry, books and more inspired by video games.

Filthy Casual
Booth 23117
Gaming related clothing and accessories.

Booth 22099
Custom controller and console skins and accessory decals.

Flipside Gaming
Booth 22047
All purpose gaming store.

Foam Brain Games
Booth 10071
Board and card games, dice, and novelties.

Game Over Videogames
Booth 10030
An independent chain of used retro video game stores which buys, sells, and trades video games, systems, and accessories from Atari to Xbox.

Game Underground
Booth 13127
Console games and arcade cabinets.

Gaming Etc
Booth 11135
Card and mini games.

Gaming Outfitters
Booth 19071
Gaming related clothing and accessories.

Booth 16115
Monthly subscription box full of indie games.

Booth 11018
Geek and gaming related clothing and more.

Level Up Studios
Booth 12070
Video games and internet culture goods and clothing.

Loot Crate
Booth 21085
Monthly subscription box full of geek and gamer items.

Mantic Games
Booth 23091
Miniatures and tabletop games.

Meta Threads
Booth 19121
Esport jerseys and other gaming apparel.

Booth 10036
Geek and gaming portable power and storage accessories.

NERDS – Nobody Ever Respects Dorks Society
Booth 10020
Nerd apparel.

Booth 16031
Online retailer of PC hardware and software.

PAX Merch Booth
Booth 16001
Official PAX and Penny Arcade merchandise booth, selling Penny Arcade items.
This is NOT PAX Merch Lite, which is outside the Expo Hall and sells the limited edition PAX items.

Plyngo aka Glitch Gaming Apparel
Booth 24082
Gaming apparel, toys, and collectables.

Booth 21132
Used/vintage video games, electronics, cell phones, and more.

Retrotainment Games
Booth 15110
Buy/trade/sell video games store.

Booth 20061
Gaming related clothing and accessories.

Songbird Ocarinas
Booth 10040
Ocarinas and accessories.

Sudden Impact
Booth 10010
Retro video game store.

Think Geek
Booth 15090
Unique geek apparel, gadgets, collectables, and more.

Thompson Productions
Booth 10110
Comics, miniatures, and games.

Troll & Toad
Booth 10118
Large selection of Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering cards and collectible miniatures.

Booth 10115
Retro and Japanese video game boutique.

Volante Design
Booth 10087
Fashion inspired by comic books, video games, film, and anime.

Booth 13103
Geek related clothing, cosplay, plushies, and accessories.

BIC Festival
Booth 17084
Global independent games conference held annually in Busan, South Korea.

Bullock Games
Booth 13121

Child’s Play
Booth 15001
Founded by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade, donates toys and games to children’s hospitals worldwide.

Counter Logic Gaming
Booth 11097
Esports organization.

Booth 13110

Booth 19135
All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers.

Dude Games
Booth 10104

Extra Life
Booth 10046
Runs 24 hour gaming marathons to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Booth 22042
A non-profit dedicated to bringing the message of Jesus’ love, hope, and acceptance into the culture of video games.

Goethe-Institut Boston
Booth 20049
Promotes the study of German abroad and international cultural exchanges.

Half Nom’d Studios
Booth 10054

Hotcakes Studios
Booth 24106

ID Frame Network Tech
Booth 22120

MegaFun Games
Booth 22110

Pro Social Games
Booth 22013
Research and topics related to the positive and prosocial effects of video games.

Booth 22091
Software which enables you to play opponents for money.

Booth 10129
A military charity providing video game systems and games to active-duty and veteran troops of the United States Military.

Story Fort
Booth 23085

Two-Piece Games
Booth 16127

Viper Productions
Booth 24092

Booth 15072

Vu Designs
Booth 10092

Chance6 Studios
Booth 12128
Investment, PR, project management, and other services for indie game developers.

Creative Bytes Studios
Booth 11132
Provides assistance with any or all stages of design and development of interactive experiences.

Darkwind Media
Booth 14070
Video game porting and development services.

En Masse Ent
Booth 19125
Video game publisher for developers.

Booth 20025
Subscription tools for streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and SteamPro.

Booth 22114
China’s indie game marketplace.

Booth 22115
Offers various video game publishing services.

Booth 11120
Offers workshops, classes, courses, and events for game developers and those aspiring to make games.

Reverb Communications
Booth 16097
Video game marketing, PR, social media, and more services.

Samsung Instituto
Booth 23109
Institute for research and development in informatics, providing a reference for mobile solutions in Latin America.

Screenwave Media
Booth 22109
YouTube network for game developers.

Ultima Studios
Booth 24132
Premium media production organization, with TV production studios, post production facilities, and online media services.

Verses Evil
Booth 19097, 21097
Marketing, community management, product strategy, and more for independent game developers.

Booth 21031
Indie game publisher, offering market strategy and platform relationships.

Booth 11061
Live streaming and recording software.

Ysbryd Games
Booth 19115
Indie game publisher.

11 Bit Studios
Booth 10055

Booth 13112

Beast Clans
Booth 11130

Cardboard Utopia
Booth 16114

Cyanide & Happiness
Booth 10116

Booth 10043

Fidget Creative
Booth 10096

Final War
Booth 10085

Fowers Games
Booth 10131

Greater Than Games
Booth 11087

Gut Shot Games
Booth 10084

Hikari Games
Booth 10128

Indie Boards & Cards
Booth 10088

Indie Tabletop
Booth 18071

John Wick Presents
Booth 10112

Lagging Dice
Booth 12133

Larian Studios Games
Booth 19091

Mantic Games
Booth 23091

Max Gaming
Booth 22059

Mayfair Games
Booth 13070

North Star Games
Booth 12084, 12090

Paw-Warrior Games
Booth 10090

Quick and Dirty Games
Booth 10042

Sirlin Games
Booth 24104

Steamforged Games
Booth 10133

Studio Woe
Booth 10094

Booth 12078

Tabletop Bazaar
Booth 11117

Th3rd World Studios
Booth 12132

Verses Evil
Booth 19097, 21097

White Wizard Games
Booth 13078

Wild East Game Co
Booth 10098

Zafty Games
Booth 12135

11 Bit Studios
Booth 10055

Booth 14079

Adult Swim Games
Booth 16055

Booth 13121

Alliance Digital Media
Booth 22043

Ammobox Studios
Booth 13121

Amplify Creations
Booth 18084

Annapurna Interactive
Booth 16121

Another Indie
Booth 21117

Ask An Enemy Studios
Booth 22041

Booth 23096

Booth 14087

Badland Games
Booth 22015

Bandi Namco
Booth 11043

Batterystaple Games
Booth 13121

Booth 14000, 14005

Behold Studios
Booth 17086

Berzerk Studios
Booth 16102

Booth 18007, 20007

Big Mitten
Booth 24124

Bishop Games
Booth 16103

BKOM Studios
Booth 10121

Black River Studios
Booth 23109

Blizzard Entertainment
Booth 11000

Blue Mammoth Games
Booth 20079

Bohemia Interactive
Booth 22019

Booth 24090

Booth 13121

C63 Industries
Booth 22103

Campo Santo
Booth 15096

Chainsawesome Games
Booth 15099

Chasm/Mages of Mystralia
Booth 16111

Booth 22097

Booth 10132

Clever Endeavor Games
Booth 15081

Coatsink Software
Booth 16117

Coconut Island Studio
Booth 14084, 22108

Colorspace Studio
Booth 13121

Computer Lunch
Booth 22027

Booth 13121

Critical Forge
Booth 22053

Culture Shock Games
Booth 17105

Curve Digital
Booth 21125

Cyan Inc
Booth 13079

Daedalic Entertainment
Booth 15102

Dashing Strike
Booth 24098

Dead Static Drive
Booth 14110

Deep End Games
Booth 24126

Defiant Development
Booth 19084

Desert Owl Games
Booth 10127

Devolver Digital
Booth 18090, 18096

Dire Wolf Digital
Booth 18114

Double Eleven
Booth 18078

Booth 16085

EarthWork Games
Booth 13108

Fancy Rabbit
Booth 24130

FDG Entertainment
Booth 11108

Booth 19078

Booth 14086

Frogsmilk Studio
Booth 23093

Frontier Developments
Booth 20019

Frosty Elk
Booth 24094

Booth 13096

Booth 21091

Booth 17109

Gearbox Software
Booth 12055

Giant Margarita
Booth 13110

Booth 22051

Golden Glitch Studios
Booth 15070

Goon Studios
Booth 20132

Grimnir Media
Booth 15087

Grip Digital
Booth 15071

Happiest Dark Corner
Booth 13121

Happy Badger Studio
Booth 10024

Has-Been Heroes
Booth 19079

Headup Games
Booth 14129

Booth 19103

House House
Booth 13114

Booth 18080

Iceberg Interactive
Booth 22035

Ice-Pick Lodge
Booth 17081

Image & Form
Booth 22048

Imagination S.C.
Booth 18102

Indie Megabooth HQ
Booth 16070

Indie Minibooth
Booth 17070
Part of Indie Megabooth HQ

Inti Creates
Booth 24120

IronOak Games
Booth 19086

Jamie Holub
Booth 13121

Joakim Sandberg
Booth 16087

Jumpsuit Entertainment
Booth 18086

Booth 12096

Booth 22093

Booth 17115

Booth 17087

League of Geeks
Booth 13118

Booth 16073

Limited Run Games
Booth 22039

Logic Artists
Booth 10037

Luckshot Games
Booth 15115

Lumenox Games
Booth 14071

Mega World Studios
Booth 22125

MERJ Media
Booth 24088

Merge Games
Booth 17129

Booth 13085

Motion Twin
Booth 13081

Muse Games
Booth 16109

Nekcom Entertainment
Booth 21115

New Blood Interactive
Booth 15108

Booth 13055

NextGen Pants
Booth 15084

Oasis Games Limited
Booth 10091

OddBird Studio
Booth 13121

Ogre Head Studio
Booth 14081

Open Sorcery Games
Booth 16072

Booth 13114

Booth 15098

Paranoid Productions
Booth 13121

PAX Aus Roadshow
Booth 13111

PAX East Indie Showcase
Booth 15120

PAX Rising
Booth 13121
A space dedicated to the rise of independent game developers.

Peakway Software
Booth 22025

Phantom Compass
Booth 24102

Phoenix Labs
Booth 18055

Piece of Cake Studios
Booth 13121

Pillory Games
Booth 23122

Plug In Digital
Booth 11124

Pocketwatch Games
Booth 18081

Booth 20050

Prideful Sloth
Booth 15116

Psyop Games
Booth 16078

Pub Games
Booth 14111

Booth 17080

Quantum Squid
Booth 16105

Ransacked Studios
Booth 13121

Raw Fury Games
Booth 12124

Booth 23131

Retroid Interactive
Booth 22055

Riveted Games
Booth 10052

RNG Studios
Booth 24114

Robot Circus
Booth 13121

Runic Games
Booth 18120

Samurai Punk
Booth 15078

Sauropod Studio
Booth 15117

Scavengers Studio
Booth 22057

Schell Games
Booth 16079

Booth 23120

Shanghai TiGames
Booth 23126

Shiro Games
Booth 23126

Simple Machine
Booth 24108

SMG Studio
Booth 13073

Snowcastle Games
Booth 14073

Snowrunner Productions
Booth 21045

Booth 15086

Soulbound Studios
Booth 17126

Spearhead Games
Booth 15114

Spooky Squid Games
Booth 23087

Sports Mongul
Booth 23125

Booth 24096

Square Enix
Booth 11017

Booth 16043

Booth 16108

Sumo Digital
Booth 12108

Supergiant Games
Booth 18108

Booth 13071

Surprise Attack
Booth 13109

Sushi Typhoon Games
Booth 23105

Booth 23078

Tenwall Creatives
Booth 16104

Tetragon Works
Booth 13121

THQ Nordic
Booth 20037

Thunder Lotus Games
Booth 13087

Tin Man Games
Booth 14110

Booth 16081

Booth 13091

Tribute Games
Booth 17116

Trion Worlds
Booth 11055

Underbite Games
Booth 23121

Booth 23086

Veewo Games
Booth 22116

Vertex Pop
Booth 15080

Booth 22017

Visiontrick Media
Booth 16084

Booth 15111

Vorpal Games
Booth 14080

The Voxel Agents
Booth 16086

Wako Factory
Booth 13121

Wave Interaction
Booth 18085

Wired Productions
Booth 20133

Witching Hour Studios
Booth 18087

X.D. Network
Booth 21109, 21111

Yacht Club Games
Booth 10126

Zoink Games
Booth 22050

Booth 24110

Coatsink Software
Booth 16117

Geronimo Interactive
Booth 23127

Booth 13019, 15019

NullSpace VR
Booth 22061

Samurai Punk
Booth 15078

Secret Location
Booth 17079

Booth 16019

Time of Virtual Reality
Booth 22127

Booth 22017

Booth 23122

These exhibitors are located in the Tabletop area of PAX East. This list is not to be confused with the Exhibitors – Tabletop, Card, and Role Playing Games list of tabletop game related exhibitors in the Expo Hall.


Armor Class 10
Shirts for gamers.

Asmadi Games
Located in Foam Brain Games’ booth.


Atlas Games

Aviary Games

Battleground Games
Game store.

Burning Wheel

Cascade Games
Runs events from small and casual to conventions.


Compleat Strategist
Game store.

Crit Success
Dice rings and accessories.

Czech Games Edition
Located in Foam Brain Games’ booth.


Drinking Quest

Foam Brain Games
Gaming related keychains and pins and game sub-booths.

Fun to 11

Games on Demand
Indie RPG play area.


Greenbrier Games

Located in Foam Brain Games’ booth.

Japanime Games
Tabletop games from Japan and beyond.

Level Up Dice
Metal and semi-precious stone dice and accessories.

Looney Labs
Located in Foam Brain Games’ booth.

Modern Myths NY
Comic and games store.

Ninja Division
Located in Foam Brain Games’ booth.

Pathfinder Society
A roleplaying guild running a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts you in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society.

Books and games store.

Ornamented dice & accessories.

The Role Initiative
D&D play area.

SFR, Inc

Steve Jackson Games

Techtonic Craft Studios
Tabletop gaming accessories, hobby supplies, displays, and custom merchandise.


UnPub – Unpublished Games Network
Organized events for unpublished games play-testing and feedback.

USPML – United States Professional Mahjong League

Wyrmwood Gaming
Card and dice storage, accessories, and custom orders.

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