Con crud is a universal bane of all conventions. Typically a cold, flu, or other non-threatening (but nonetheless quite annoying) illness, it can dampen the memory of an otherwise great PAX.

At PAX Prime 2009 there was an outbreak of H1N1 (aka swine flu). Around 100 cases were confirmed and the Centers for Disease Control tracked the outbreak from Seattle throughout the United States after PAX.

Now a CDC tracked flu outbreak is not typical and you shouldn’t let that deter you from attending PAX, but do take precautions to keep yourself healthy.

Prevention At PAX

Hand Sanitizers

Bathrooms are limited so hand sanitizers work well on the go. Stations are setup at some of the convention centers.
Bring your own, travel size bottles which can connect to your bag with a carabiner.


Remember the 5-2-1 rules. They are meant to help keep you going and stay healthy.

5 hours sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower per day at a minimum.

Drink Less, Play More

Alcohol lowers your immune response, plus you might forget to do your other preventative measures. That doesn’t mean don’t drink, but take it easy if you need to be well the next week.

Take A Break

Lastly, if you can, take the day after PAX off from work and make it a rest day.