Plan Your PAX South 2017 Schedule

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The PAX South 2017 schedule has been released, and so it is time to plan your personal schedule. From here on the hype is real. It is also time to realize that there is way more to see at PAX than you’ll be able to fit in… and that’s okay.

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Start by pulling up the schedule and mark any panel you’d like to see and any game tournament you’d like to participate in (viewing game tournaments is very hit or miss, except for Omegathon they aren’t usually setup with an audience in mind). Don’t worry about conflicts just yet.

If you’re going with family/friends have them do the same, then compare notes. It is okay to split up when needed, you’ll have more to share later.

Next, you need to decide between any panels/tournaments which are at the same time or back-to-back.


Panels which are back-to-back will be very difficult to accommodate. You need to account for travel time, early queues (lines for 30-90 minutes in advance; the more popular the panel the sooner it forms), and theaters are cleared between panels. In short, have at least a 30 minute window between panels you wish to see.

Which theater the panel is in may also play into your decision.

The Main Theater and Falcon Theater are the largest, with longer line times. They are also both streamed by and that content will be available after the weekend, so you could go to a different panel and watch the stream later.

Armadillo, Bobcat, and Cactus Theaters are all next to each other and are easy to move between, so long as you account for the line up times.

Keep any panels you cut from you list in mind as a Plan B. Sometimes you don’t line up soon enough for an event, you played too long in the Console room, or the event just isn’t what you expected. No worries, this is where too much to do at PAX South works for you.


Tournaments are a bit easier. You can (and should) sign up for a tournament first thing in the morning on the day it is being held. Sign ups are in the same room the tournament is being held. Once signed up you just need to arrive when the Enforcers tell you.


Concerts are held in the Main Theater (and thus will be on Twitch). You can usually just walk in after it starts. Worst case an Enforcer may ask you to wait a bit until enough people leave to make room. If you only want to see certain performers get there before their set starts. Sets are usually 50-70 minutes long.

It Isn’t All About The Panels

Lastly, don’t schedule panels for the entire weekend. You want to give yourself a few hours to wonder through the Expo Hall and the Tabletop area. There are also lots of smaller rooms to check out, sit down and playing a game, and most importantly taking a break and getting something to eat and drink.