PAX South 2017 Concerts

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PAX South 2016 Concert Setup

Along with the schedule release, the PAX South 2017 concert line ups have been announced. You can check out the performers in advance to see which concert you may want to attend.

Friday Night Concert
8:00 PM – 11:30 PM CT

MES (Mariachi Entertainment System)

A mariachi band which performs video game music covers. Their YouTube channel has lots of music and videos to check out.

Texas natives, they perform video game music with a unique blend of symphonic-tinged, video game-inspired hard rock. Music is available to stream, download, and buy on their site.

Descendants of Erdrick
Their album Advent is a progressive-metal, RPG/Adventure themed album. You can see their performance at San Japan 2015 on their site.

Saturday Night Concert
8:00 PM – 11:30 PM CT

The OneUps
Video game cover band who have been regulars at PAX. Music and videos are available on their YouTube channel.

Viking Guitar
Erik Peabody takes classic game music and remixes it into a modern metal. His albums are available via BandCamp, with free streams available.

Bit Brigade
Another PAX regular. With their own post-rock bombast style, they perform music from a classic video game while a master gamer does a live speed-trial run of each level. You can see their performance at MAGFEST 2012 on their site.

Concert Tips

If you want to catch the opening act then queue up ahead of time. The concerts are in the Main Theatre, which has its own queue space. Look for signs or ask a nearby Enforcer.

The concerts don’t typically fill up, so you’ll likely be able to just walk in at anytime (no need to go to the queue once the concert has started). If it is full an Enforcer will have you wait until others leave.

If you’re sensitive to loud noise or want to keep your ears safe then consider earplugs. You can get a pair of high fidelity earplugs to enjoy all the music at a fraction of the volume. You can also get cheap foam earplugs from the concert Enforcers.

If you like a band tell them the next day in Bandland. They’ll love to hear that (and to sell you a CD or t-shirt).

Watch On

If you have too many schedule conflicts at PAX South, or if you aren’t attending PAX South, you can still check out the concerts on Twitch’s PAX portal.

You can watch live (note concert times are Central Time) or after the weekend. Just don’t try to stream them from your PAX South hotel.