PAX Guides Is Back, Ready for PAX South

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Welcome to the newly redesigned PAX Guides.

In late 2015 I launched PAX South Guide, a site dedicated for helping those attending PAX South plan a better trip. That site was inspired by the lack of a good, single source resource when I was looking into my (and everyone’s) first trip to PAX South in January 2015. The PAX community was a great source of information, but it was scattered around several sites and forums. Other “guides” I found were merely single post articles with a “Top 10 Things” list or focused on one topic.

The community response to the PAX South Guide site was awesome, and a lot of good feedback went into it and, later, this site.

With PAX Guides I’m expanding the original PAX South Guide into a good, single source of information for attendees of all three PAX  conventions in the United States. This new site will switch “modes” – from PAX South, to PAX East, to PAX West – as each PAX weekend comes and goes.

I hope you’ll check in from time to time. Or better yet, sign up for the PAX Guides newsletter and get emailed about updates to the site, as well as important news on PAX.

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If you have any feedback for the site please let me know using the contact form on the About PAX Guides page.