Enhanced Exhibitors List for PAX East 2017

PAX GuidesPAX East, Site Update

The Enhanced Exhibitors List for PAX East 2017 is now available. If you haven’t used this list before, it takes the official exhibitors list from PAX and organizes the exhibitor by category: In addition links and blurbs are included for most exhibitors. If you see any corrections or have a link to one of the few exhibitors missing one please … Read More

PAX Guides Ready for PAX East 2017

PAX GuidesPAX East, Site Update

PAX Guides is ready for PAX East 2017, helping you to do the same. New PAX East content includes: Other PAX guides have been updated, including: Once the PAX East app has been updated the Enhanced Exhibitors List will also be published for PAX East. In the meantime you can check out last year’s list. As always, if you have … Read More

PAX South Tabletop Update

PAX GuidesPAX South, Site Update

PAX South has published a great forum post for tabletop gamers: The Board Gamer’s Guide to PAX South 2017. I’ve taken details from that post to update my own Enhanced Exhibitors List. The Tabletop Area has been added and the Tabletop, Card, and Role Playing Games section (these are Expo Hall located booths, not to be confused with the Tabletop … Read More

PAX Guides Is Back, Ready for PAX South

PAX GuidesPAX East, PAX South, PAX West, Site Update

Welcome to the newly redesigned PAX Guides. In late 2015 I launched PAX South Guide, a site dedicated for helping those attending PAX South plan a better trip. That site was inspired by the lack of a good, single source resource when I was looking into my (and everyone’s) first trip to PAX South in January 2015. The PAX community … Read More