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There are a lot of options for a PAX Unplugged hotel before the official listing. You can find a hotel room at a lower cost or with more sleeping space easily with everything Philadelphia has to offer. Doing my own hotel research I found several distinct groupings of hotels which, all together, should fit most everyone’s needs. Photo Credit: henk.sijgers … Read More

What We Know About PAX Unplugged

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pax unplugged announced

At the start of PAX South 2017 an all new PAX event was announced: PAX Unplugged. Here is what we know about PAX Unplugged so far. PAX Unplugged will be exclusively about tabletop gaming in all forms: board games, cards, dice, role playing, etc. It will be held November 17-19, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Ars Technica interviewed Jerry Holkins (Penny Arcade writer/PAX co-founder) and Ryan … Read More