Last Minute PAX South 2017 Tips

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PAX South 2017 is almost upon us! Here are a few last minute reminders and tips before you head out. Don’t forget your badge! If you’re flying and checking a bag keep your badge in your carry on, just in case. You’ll get a free lanyard in the morning. Check the weather before you finish packing. Update your Nintendo 3DS and games … Read More

My PAX Carry

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My PAX Carry

What (and how) you carry into PAX with you can have a big impact on how enjoyable your day is and how comfortable you are by the time you leave. Much like what to pack and what to put on your schedule are personal preferences, so is knowing what you need to have with you during PAX. With that in … Read More

Morning Queues

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Having a plan each day you’re at PAX is the key to seeing as many things you want as possible. The morning queues are vital to such a plan, so know which queue you want to be in and how early you need arrive each day. If you haven’t yet, download the PAX South app and check out the Plan … Read More

PAX South Tabletop Update

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PAX South has published a great forum post for tabletop gamers: The Board Gamer’s Guide to PAX South 2017. I’ve taken details from that post to update my own Enhanced Exhibitors List. The Tabletop Area has been added and the Tabletop, Card, and Role Playing Games section (these are Expo Hall located booths, not to be confused with the Tabletop … Read More

Meet Chris Perkins & Acquisitions Incorporated

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Acquisitions Inc at PAX East 2015

Chris Perkins will be the storytime (aka keynote) speaker at PAX South 2017. He is the Principal Story Designer for Wizards of the Coast, home of Dungeons & Dragons. You may also know Chris as the Dungeon Master for Penny Arcade’s own Acquisitions Inc. Photo Credit: Chris Perkins and Acquisitions Inc. at PAX East 2015. Chris started with Wizards of the Coast in 1997 as the … Read More

PAX South 2017 Concerts

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PAX South 2016 Concert Setup

Along with the schedule release, the PAX South 2017 concert line ups have been announced. You can check out the performers in advance to see which concert you may want to attend. MES (Mariachi Entertainment System) A mariachi band which performs video game music covers. Their YouTube channel has lots of music and videos to check out. If you want … Read More

Plan Your PAX South 2017 Schedule

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The PAX South 2017 schedule has been released, and so it is time to plan your personal schedule. From here on the hype is real. It is also time to realize that there is way more to see at PAX than you’ll be able to fit in… and that’s okay. Photo Credit: Your Best Digs via Compfight cc Start by pulling up … Read More

PAX Guides Is Back, Ready for PAX South

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Welcome to the newly redesigned PAX Guides. In late 2015 I launched PAX South Guide, a site dedicated for helping those attending PAX South plan a better trip. That site was inspired by the lack of a good, single source resource when I was looking into my (and everyone’s) first trip to PAX South in January 2015. The PAX community … Read More