The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) is the home of PAX East. Located in Boston by the Delaware River, it is one of the largest and more technically advance convention centers in the northeast United States. It boasts 2.1 million square feet of indoor space, and free Wi-Fi and good cellular coverage throughout the entire facility.

A $1 billion expansion of the BCEC has been planned, but is currently on hold.

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the facility.
  • Cellular reception throughout the facility.
  • Coat and bag check, ~$3-5 per item. Bring small bills to speed through the process.
  • Full service FedEx.
  • Floor plans.
  • Attendee guides for the facility and visiting Boston.
  • Elevators throughout the facility. ADA friendly and equipped, with a limited number of wheelchairs available for free.
  • Guest Services Ambassadors, found wearing red blazers.
  • Lost & Found: Visit the Main Lobby Desk or call 617-954-2222